I’m currently pursuing a PhD in the Arts entitled “Male Nightmares. Defamiliarization and horror film production.” 

My film work is heavily inspired by Julia Kristeva’s concept of the abject, especially the concept of the archaic-mother as developed by Barbara Creed in her seminal work “The Monstrous-Feminine”. I am interested in how filmmakers can use theoretical concepts from critical theory in general (like the abject, defamiliarization, the grotesque…) and/or specific visions and theory about horror in particular (like John Clute’s specific story structure for horror, or Noel Carroll’s complex discovery plot) as a dramaturgical tool for developing a horror screenplay. I’m planning on writing a mainstream publication about these dramaturgical tools, aimed at a filmmaking audience. The aim is to help filmmakers think in new and refreshing ways about horror, deepening their (and mine) understanding of this genre, and hopefully helping in developing strong new horror films. Horror is a genre and an industry that craves new voices, new ideas and has a deep need of and a longing for innovation. 

My first academic publication, Horror as Affective Estrangement is free available online here.

It has also been published in print in Spanish. You can buy it here.

You can find my academic CV here.