In 2023 I succesfully finished my PhD in the Arts entitled “The Anxiety of Genre. Horror tussen vakkennis, theorie, en de screen idea work group.”  You can download my dissertation (in Dutch) here

I examine the influence of theoretical concepts on the process of writing and creating cinematic horror. I am interested in how filmmakers use theoretical concepts from critical theory in general (like the abject, the weird & the eerie, the uncanny…) and/or specific visions and theory about horror in particular (like John Clute’s specific story structure for horror, Julian Hanich’s definitions of horror emotions, David Church’s analysis of the post-horror film cycle, …). To analyse their influence on the creative process, I employ an autoethnographic approach, where I observe the screenwriting and development process of the short films Muil and Souvenir, and the feature screenplays Pan and Matriarch. To help contextualize my observations I employ the concept of the screen idea and the Screen Idea Work Group (SIWG) by Ian MacDonald.


During my PhD I’ve read and researched pretty much every existing piece of theory and advice on the creation of horror. This, combined with my own horror filmmaking experience and 13+ years of higher degree teaching experience, enables me to have a macro perspective and unique insight into horror projects in development. 

I am available for script doctoring, script analysis and dramaturgical advice and inspiration about narrative horror content. 

I am interested in what kind of horror you want to make, what horror means to you, your writer’s room, your tv-series, your story.

Contact me for more information.


I’m planning a mainstream publication which collects and explains all relevant theoretical concepts and thinking about horror, aimed at a filmmaking audience.

The aim is to help filmmakers think in new and refreshing ways about horror, deepening their (and mine) understanding of this genre, and hopefully helping in developing strong new horror films. Horror is a genre and an industry that craves new voices, new ideas and has a deep need of and a longing for innovation. 

My first academic publication, Horror as Affective Estrangement is free available online here.

It has also been published in print in Spanish. You can buy it here.

You can find my academic CV here.