Video content creation

I have 15+ years experience as a director, screenwriter and video editor producing various B2B video content: testimonials, mood films, corporate video, video reports, events, … for a diverse group of clients (construction, pharmaceutical, military, EU, …).

My specialities are directing, screenwriting and general corporate video production. I have strong interview (Dutch, French, English) and screenwriting skills, with a great emphasis on story structure and content.

I also have 10+ years of teaching experience. I teach and have taught several courses and workshops about video production, directing, screenwriting and filmmaking in general for a very diverse audience (Luca School of Arts, Genk; Syntra-AB; CVO GO! Antwerpen, several private in-house company trainings, …). I aim to be an inspiring teacher and coach, filled with passion and love for the craft of video production.

Corporate video AC Rental. Video Direction & Screenplay.
Video report for event. Video Direction & Editing.
Testimonial. Video Direction & Editing.
Corporate video. Video Direction, Screenplay & Video Editing.
Training video. Video Direction & Screenplay.